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Clinical Trials: The Ever-changing Face of Complexity

Our industry has worked tirelessly to reduce burdens across the clinical trial ecosystem through technology, processes, and attempts at standardization. Despite this, complexity has continued to increase year-on-year. With the number of studies increasing annually, what’s driving these increases? At a high level, three areas stand out: protocols, operations, and data.




Unlocking Operational Efficiencies in Reliable Patient Data Collection

As the clinical trial landscape evolves, efficient and effective patient data collection is critical in understanding the impact of novel treatments. Today’s clinical research professionals are looking to increase efficiency. At the same time, the complexity of clinical trials has increased year-on-year, increasing our expectations for the technologies used throughout the clinical development life cycle.



Virtual Twins and Beyond: Transforming the Future of Life Sciences

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), its integration across various sectors is undeniable—with healthcare and drug development at the forefront of this transformation.



Imaging Quality Control: One Place to Manage It All

Wish you could simplify imaging quality control, having one contract and one place for your imaging management? Wish granted.



Follow the Money: Innovations in End-to-end Clinical Trial Financial Management

Unsurprisingly, clinical trial financial management (CTFM) is complex. Surprisingly, a proper end-to-end CTFM solution does not exist… yet.

Recently, Meghan Harrington, VP, Clinical Trial Financial Management, outlined why an actual end-to-end financial process is needed and shared an exciting announcement.




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Matthew Creegan

Solution Sales Specialist, Patient Cloud

Matt’s passion is driving value for customers by way of world-class patient experiences throughout their healthcare journey.  He is a champion for our belief that every clinical trial is an opportunity to empower participants with technology.

Matt has worked in healthcare technology since 2003 and has largely focused on patient-facing technology since 2007.  He has held leadership roles in product engineering, architecture, and strategy, and has led advisory engagements on process optimization and digital transformation across a wide range of industries.  At Medidata, he continues to leverage his expertise in process optimization and to fuel his passion for patient-centricity, partnering with customers to deliver massively reduced study build cycle times as well as superlative participant experience, driving new industry standards on both fronts.

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