DATE: Monday, 25 September, 2023
TIME: 09:00am – 4:15pm CEST
LOCATION: Nestlé Premises, Société des Produits Nestlé S.A, Nestlé Research – Route du Jorat 57, CH 1000 Lausanne 26

Join us for this invitation-only, full day, interactive workshop developed exclusively for Nestlé CRU on Monday, 25 September. In collaboration with Nestlé, Medidata will be presenting and discussing key topics tailored to your business requirements, providing an opportunity to explore and discuss solutions to your most pressing challenges and provide insights into game-changing virtual technology, useable tricks & tips, strategies, and  shared ideas. Please see the agenda below for more details.


09:00 Welcome & Opening Address – Mo’ Sesing (15 mins)

09:15 – Nestlé Session (45 mins)

  • From R&D to the Patients and Consumers – an overview of Nestlé  for Medidata
  • CRU – Data Strategy from Acquisition / Ingestion / Contextualization

10:00 – eCOA Tips & Tricks (45 mins)

10:45 –  Risk Based Quality Management (RBQM) & Medidata Detect – Workshop Session (3hr) 

  • Nestlé’s RBQM strategy and location on the RBQM “Adoption Matrix” (30 min)
  • How Medidata’s RBQM solution portfolio maps to Nestlé’s strategy (30mins
  • Medidata RBQM vision Workshop  (2 hours)

Lunch Break at Nestlé’s convenience

15:00 – Rave Companion (30 mins)

15:30 – Round Table Discussion (30 mins)

16:00 – Review & Summary (15 mins)

16:15 – End


Aline Bricard

Aline Bricard

Global Client Executive

Kirsty Lyne

Kirsty Lyne

Solution Consultant

Greig Duncan

Greig Duncan

Solution Sales Specialist