Rave Design Optimizer

Rave Design Optimizer

Turn your study design into a lean, mean, data-driven machine.

A poorly designed protocol causes delays at best, and at worst, the trial fails. Rave Design Optimizer takes a data-driven approach to study design. We leverage our industry-leading data to benchmark your protocol versus previous protocols to discover optimization opportunities over the course of your trial. And take advantage of the recently added Patient Burden Index (PBI) to quantify the patient experience and to improve trial operations and mitigate patient dropout.  

Ensure your protocol is feasible, achievable and attainable from the outset.

Meet your clinical and statistical outcomes at the lowest cost

Without a data-driven design process, your protocols are based on experience and subjectivity. Rave Design Optimizer leverages our industry-leading benchmark data and analytics to streamline the design of your study and help eliminate inefficiencies while reducing the site and patient burden.

Increase retention with Patient Burden Index (PBI)

Patient retention is always a threat to successful outcomes. With the Patient Burden Index, you can quantify the patient experience over the course of the trial to minimize the burden placed on participants to help ensure your study meets the clinical and statistical outcomes.

Turn line-of-sight into a bird’s eye view

Understand how and why all of your data will be collected in support of your trial’s core objectives. Optimize procedure selection to minimize cost and ensure procedures are supporting the discovery of your primary or secondary objectives.

Austin J. Combest
Sr. Director, Clinical Information and Science
Rave Study Design Optimizer

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