Rave Enroll

Rave eConsent

Don’t let paper enrollment slow down your clinical trial before it’s even begun.

Rave eConsent is the innovative, patient-friendly electronic informed consent and patient enrollment system that integrates directly with Rave EDC, and offers patients, sites, CROs, and sponsors a unified enrollment experience. Simplify communication, avoid compliance risk and get to start up faster, all while collecting additional useful study analytics.

Decrease eConsent set-up from months to weeks, with Rave eConsent configuration abilities.

Power to the Patients

An intuitive, engaging mobile application helps patients easily understand risks and benefits, as well as their own responsibilities. Patient-centric design keeps engagement and adherence up, while site staff is freed from time-consuming explanations and able to focus on higher value patient-focused efforts.

Speeds Start-up and Studies

Get to “Go” faster with a streamlined consent review process with IRBS, real-time visibility of enrollment data, and remote-consent, including re-consent for protocol or safety updates. Save time and money during the study with efficient consent tracking and automated reporting between sites, CROs and sponsors. Plus your data is part of the unified Rave platform, for optimized efficiency.

Risk Reducer

With automated tracking and processing, Rave eConsent reduces expensive audit and inspection findings. Eliminate the risk of inadequate documentation, patients signing the wrong form or someone missing a re-consent, and decrease the opportunity for fraudulent data. With Rave eConsent, enroll data is validated for safety and compliance.

Simple and seamless consent and enrollment into clinical trials using Rave eConsent