RWS COVID White Paper

[White Paper]

Prioritizing Patient Safety While Pursuing High-Quality Data

While COVID-19 has halted much of the world, healthcare marches on. Clinical research that will determine the safety and efficacy of health-improving and life-saving drugs must continue. But now, in-person site visits and collecting data from patients comes at safety risks for patients and trial staff alike.

How can companies and trial sponsors, whose missions are driven by a need to safeguard patient safety, continue to collect the high-quality data without compromising their safety standards? What needs to be considered – from both a regulatory and an operational perspective – amid this new normal? And how will the changes made today affect the clinical trials of tomorrow?

RWS and Medidata explore these and other questions to support the continuation of clinical research and, ultimately, keep the patients at the center of these conversations.

Prioritizing Patient Safety While Pursuing High-Quality Data