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STEM Education

STEM Education

Empowering the next generation of diverse talent for innovation and impact. We have committed to providing 15,000 students in 5 years with opportunities to learn about careers in STEM. We are on our way to hitting our goal by 2023.


Medidata is committed to providing students with the opportunity to have the tools they need to be successful in the future job market.  We donate our Rave EDC software to Universities to ensure that students are prepared for careers in the life science industry.  Our partnership began with the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and has expanded in 2019 to include Durham Technology College and Campbell University.

Medidatas Founders' Scholarship

This scholarship honors Medidata’s two co-founders, Glen de Vries and Tarek Sherif, who have led the company together for over twenty years. To lift up the next generation of leaders, disruptors, innovators and changemakers, this award is presented in their honor to two students dedicated to helping the world find smarter treatments for more patients more quickly. Recipients will be awarded $10,000 in tuition scholarship and an invitation to join Medidata’s 2021 Summer Internship program.

All Star Code Collaboration

Medidata invites 20 students to our office every summer for the All Star Code Summer Coding Intensive.  Students spend six weeks in our office learning to code, enjoying speaking engagements with our executives, and being mentored by our employees.