Training Alert

Medidata Global Education announces the following New and Updated Materials for October 2020!


eLearnings will be available to external clients via iMedidata, and to all Medidata colleagues via the Learning Lab (iMedidata access will be available for those colleagues who access client URLs).  

New Courses related to R10

This course is designed for study managers, site users and administrators who support or manage Rave eConsent studies.

Attendees will learn:

  • What is eConsent?
  • The components of the Rave eConsent solution
  • How eConsent integrates with the Medidata Clinical Platform


This course is designed for study builders, site users and administrators who support or manage Rave eCOA studies.

This eLearning will provide a brief overview of the following releases:


  • Rave eCOA iOS 2020.5.0
  • Rave eCOA Android 2020.5.0


Attendees will learn about:

  • The Cross Form Branching feature update
  • The new Face Pain Scale – Revised Control Type
  • The Field Review Optionality update


These courses is now available via iMedidata.Please contact your Medidata representative for enrollment



Non- Release Courses

Medidata Detect is a data analysis and visualization solution that applies advanced statistical analytics on clinical study data to detect risks, anomalies, and trends. You can use Medidata Detect to view and analyze data and identify study areas needing the most focus or improvement—including at the study, country, site, or patient level. The findings will help you determine any necessary mitigating actions to take on study issues or risks to ensure study data quality and compliance.’


This course provides users with detailed workflow examples of how to utilize Detect to deeply analyze their clinical trial data to identify potential outliers and risks.

Please contact your Medidata representative for scheduling.