On Demand Webinars


On Demand Webinars

The clinical life science industry is constantly evolving. Having as much knowledge as possible is only going to help you grow and understand the transformation. Keeping up to date with all of the changes that occur within clinical research can be just as important as the actual study.

Medidata provides life sciences professionals with the tools, expertise, and knowledge to power smarter treatments and healthier people. We are committed to helping you answer the hopes of patients and healthcare professionals for a life-saving drug, device or treatment. You build hope. We accelerate it.

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How and Why Celgene Adopted Medidata Rave eCOA

If your company is looking to adopt a new eCOA solution or have issues with your current one, this webinar is a must attend. Companies of all sizes will be able to learn from how Celgene made the case internally for change by redefining their implementation strategy for collection of clinical outcome assessment data (eCOA). This incredibly informative webinar will delve deeply into Celgene’s adoption of Medidata eCOA solution and address:

  • What were the business problems and how were solutions achieved
  • How did the organization buy in to the idea for change
  • What were the key metrics Celgene used to measure success
  • What was the partnership between Clinical Operations and Clinical Data Management
  • When does the cost of keeping with the status quo, exceed the cost of change

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Applying Unified E-clinical Technologies to Streamline Study Conduct

In this webinar, Medidata will conduct an interactive demo of our intelligent platform for life sciences—exploring our broader EDC, RTSM and ePRO capabilities—and show how adopting one platform can help unify your data and workflows across study execution, allowing for rapid study startup, more streamlined execution with cleaner data, and the elimination of unnecessary reconciliation efforts.


Improving Patient Centricity with Edge Design Optimizer

In this demo webcast, see firsthand how Rave Design Optimizer can help you improve trial execution by identifying opportunities to optimize protocol design and bolster or reinforce patient retention strategies, leading to a more patient-centric trial.


Fast Track Your Early Clinical Development Lifecycle

Discover how early-stage solutions can give you the competitive edge you need to accelerate your clinical development lifecycle.


The New Model for eCOA: Modernizing Technology, Process and Science to Change The Game

Join industry experts from Medidata and Syneos Health as they discuss a long-awaited new path forward to the implementation of eCOA with a solid foundation of technology, service and science.


Global Site Payments; How Clear is Your Financial View?

Now more than ever, clinical trial sponsors and CROs share a common burden – accurate budgeting, financial planning, and timely planning. Learn how to improve financial health, fuel innovation and increase compliance with the Medidata automatic payment solution.