Medidata Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Industry-Leading Cloud-Based Randomization and Trial Supply Management System

Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes company, is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Rave RTSM (Randomization and Trial Supply Management) solution, which the company has developed to be highly flexible and adaptable to fit the needs of all clinical trials -- from the least complicated to the most complex.

Rave RTSM offers a user-friendly workflow that seamlessly integrates with Rave EDC (electronic data capture) to eliminate duplicative data entry, reduce reconciliation, and decrease the administrative burden associated with traditional specification methods. Rave RTSM has grown to support all clinical trials at all study phases and is especially important to meet the demands of decentralized trials (DCTs). This includes drug delivery and regulatory accountability associated with Direct-to-Patient (DtP) capabilities. Rave RTSM is the only fully pre-validated randomization and trial supply management system, which can be configured in minutes and enables mid-study changes with minimal downtime and no change orders.

“Medidata has always been about getting patients who are waiting for therapies the best possible thing for them, as quickly as possible,” said Glen de Vries, Medidata co-founder and vice chair of Dassault Systèmes Life Sciences & Healthcare. “And that's why 10 years ago, we realized how critical it was to have randomization and the supplies, all of the drugs and equipment that you need for clinical trials to be managed in one system. We could do more adaptive trials. We could generate evidence faster. And to do that, we created the first truly cloud-based software as a service platform for randomization and supply logistics.”

Over the last decade, nearly 250 customers spanning 77 countries have leveraged Rave RTSM across 1,850 studies. This represents more than 500,000 randomized patients and more than 1.5 million investigative product dose assignments.

Rave RTSM continues to provide great value for clinical research customers. It is both the only RTSM product on the market that is completely unified with Medidata’s state-of-the-art Rave EDC system and entirely configurable through pre-validated components and equipped with Edit Live Design functionalities. These capabilities provide trial planners with real-time flexibility to make mid-study changes if necessary. Rave RTSM ultimately benefits study planners by making the trial process far more efficient, helping them complete trials faster at significantly lower cost and risk.

“What I'm most proud about in our RTSM product is our flexibility for complex trials, whether they are adaptable trials, the most complex oncology trials, or have multiple doses and multiple arms, we have the tool that will fit all those needs,” added de Vries. “This flexibility is so important to our ability to deliver the most efficient, optimized trials today.”

To commemorate this major milestone, Medidata has released a video that highlights the Rave RTSM development journey and accomplishments.

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