Medidata Experts Drive Patient Centricity, Decentralized Clinical Trials and Real World Data Discussions at SCOPE Europe 2022

Medidata Experts Drive Patient Centricity, Decentralized Clinical Trials and Real World Data Discussions at SCOPE Europe 2022

April 14, 2022 - Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes company, will be sharing insights into decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), patient-centric technologies and real world data as a premier sponsor of the annual Summit for Clinical Operations Executives (SCOPE) Europe 2022 on April 20 and 21, 2022. Medidata experts will be leading presentations on innovative solutions to advance clinical trial design and drive patient centricity.

“SCOPE Europe gives Medidata a unique forum to continue its strong partnership with the organization, and the wide variety of professionals who work on behalf of patients everyday,” said Jackie Kent, chief customer officer at Medidata. “This is an exceptional opportunity to share and exchange perspectives on how clinical trials have evolved over the past two years, especially with the increased use of DCTs. We will also be leading discussions on how linking real world data can accelerate clinical development and how to design next generation trials for better insight into the patient journey.”

Medidata will present at the following sessions:

A Perfect Harmony: Building DCTs for the Patient, Powered by the Data, and Delivered to Meet Scale

  • Wednesday April 20 at 10:15 CET: Alicia Staley, vice president, Patient Engagement at Medidata, and Lisa Moneymaker, senior vice president, Clinical Operations Technologies at Medidata

DCTs involve an ecosystem of tools, people, and processes - allowing patients, sites, and sponsors to participate, contribute, and monitor any clinical trial. Successfully executing DCTs often requires multiple disparate solutions integrated across the clinical continuum in order to talk to each other. Our experts will discuss how patients, sites, and sponsors can participate and monitor clinical trials without integration hassles and deliver DCTs so everyone wins.

Better Together: The Power of Clinical Trial + Real World Data

  • Wednesday April 20 at 15:55 CET: Ben McConnochie, director of Strategic Development at Medidata Acorn AI

Clinical Trial and Real World Data (RWD) have been siloed - until now. New advancements are enabling sponsors to link trial patients to their RWD and to accelerate clinical development through better evidence generation across the clinical development lifecycle. This session will demonstrate how and why organizations are “future-proofing” their trials to gain better insights into the patient journey, without sacrificing data security or operational efficiency.

Keynote Presentation: Hybrid and Decentralized Trials: The Future Is Here

  • Thursday April 21 at 12:15 CET: Panel with Lisa Moneymaker, Dipak Kalra from European Institute for Innovation through Health Data, Cristina De Juan from UCB, Kavita Rattan from Pfizer, and Sidharth Jain from Janssen Pharmaceuticals, with moderator Elke Van Mol from Janssen Pharmaceutica NV 

COVID-19 catalyzed digital and remote clinical trial solutions and has been the engine behind rapid evolution of new capabilities. Some of these newly deployed capabilities are quick fixes for the challenges COVID-19 brought to our day-to-day trial operations, while some will last beyond the pandemic. Today, we have the chance to continue driving adoption of decentralized clinical trials - and innovating to advance the benefits DCTs offer to patients, sites and sponsors.

The Role of Patients, Data, and Patient-Facing Technologies in Clinical Trial Design: Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Thursday April 21 at 16:00 CET: Panel with Alicia Staley, Mats Sundgren from AstraZeneca R&D, Robert Kroes from Lilly Nederland BV, Florin Sirzen from Roche, and Hilde Vanaken from TCS, with moderator Marina Malikova from the Boston University School of Medicine

Patient centricity has been discussed in industry for quite some time, with sponsors equating it to either reduced protocol assessments or increased use of technology in trials. The industry still has a lot to learn about patient-centric trials and gaining the actual patient perspective is key to better understanding their concerns and concepts. This session will provide a large inventory of measures to address the challenges brought on by COVID-19 pandemic, including: clinical trial design from a site perspective, patient-centric digital solutions, creating an inclusive and equitable environment, and collaborating with regulatory bodies.


About SCOPE Europe

Building on the success of its long-running US-based counterpart, the 4th SCOPE Europe is a two-day hybrid event serving clinical innovation leaders, clin ops execs, digital leaders, functional heads, category managers, and those responsible for the planning and management of clinical trials in Europe and the Rest of the World. This event brings together leaders from large, mid-sized, and small pharma, specialty pharma, biotech, vendor companies, and academic research centers who come together to share best practices and discuss the new era of decentralized, analytics-driven and patient-centric trials. See more about the conference here and find the agenda here.



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