Social Innovation Lab

Medidata’s award winning Social Innovation Lab is a skills-based volunteering program that pairs employees with non-profit partners- working on priority projects that NPO’s don’t have the resources to drive.

Hands-On Experiential Learning

Employees work in cross-functional teams with social entrepreneurs on projects beyond their scope of work. This provides hands-on learning opportunities, allowing each participant to use this as a leadership and development opportunity by providing access to leadership and developing new skills.

Skills-Based Community Volunteering

Over the past 5 years, employees have donated 10,000+ hours of skill to 21 priority projects in collaboration with our non-profit partners focused on removing barriers for patients in the areas of diversity in clinical trials, patient advocacy, and rare disease.

Meet Our Project Partners

Lazarex Foundation

We worked with the Lazarex Cancer Foundation to operationalize clinical trial readiness survey from previous labs for oncology patients to  help identify why patients may or may not successfully participate in a clinical trial.

Cambridge Rare Disease Network

A team worked with CamRare to scope developing a Patient Passport for people with rare disease that shares important information quickly with health care providers who may not be familiar with the disease or the patient. This is a priority for NHS.

Every Cure

The Every Cure Team is focused on helping improve their AI engine’s predictive capabilities and link diseases – drugs to unlock the hidden potential of existing drugs to save lives; focusing primarily on drugs and diseases that companies aren’t pursuing. The team is identifying trials containing Drug-Disease Pairs that were promising but did not go beyond a certain trial phase and identifying criteria for Drug-Disease pair ranking.

Emerson Research Institute

We worked with the Emerson Diversity in Health Foundation to provide a registry targeted to underserved communities, offering portable access to health information in both Spanish and English. This will enable Emerson staff to more easily capture and provide information for their participant community and improve health literacy through outreach and education.

Tigerlily Foundation

The Tigerlily Team focused on developing a strategy plan to grow the Angel Network by implementing a system to streamline marketing and event analytics as well as developing a strategy plan to empower the Angel Network with currently existing resources.