Accelerating Discovery with Improved IP Management

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Biotech Accelerates Discovery with Improved IP Management

This biotechnology company specializes in the discovery and development of small molecule medicines, and R&D is their innovation engine. Inefficient lab workflows and poor visibility across research data was threatening to jeopardize clinical programs, from discovery to registration and beyond. The company wanted to improve data and process standardization, automate routine activities and avoid duplicating experiments.

Their integrated R&D environment features the BIOVIA Workbook electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) as the main access point for workflow execution and scientific information, along with BIOVIA Chemical Registration, a flexible, fully featured, web-based solution for building, managing and searching corporate substance and batch databases.

By moving to a digital lab the company is achieving benefits along multiple dimensions including:

  • Faster innovation and time to market
  • Shorter project completion times
  • Reusable data
  • Less time spent on documentation
  • Easier collaboration across sites and locations

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Biotech Accelerates Discovery with Improved IP Management