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The clinical life science industry is constantly evolving. Having as much knowledge as possible is only going to help you grow and understand the transformation. Keeping up to date with all of the changes that occur within clinical research can be just as important as the actual study.

Medidata provides life sciences professionals with the tools, expertise, and knowledge to power smarter treatments and healthier people. We are committed to helping you answer the hopes of patients and healthcare professionals for a life-saving drug, device or treatment. You build hope. We accelerate it.

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Clinical Trials in a Post Covid-19 World

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Join a fireside chat with Katrina Rice, Chief Delivery Officer, Data Services at eClinical Solutions and Ted Kirby, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Medidata Solutions as they discuss the impact of COVID-19 on clinical trials and the industry’s anticipated return to a ‘new normal’ post COVID-19 in the coming year.

As part of the session, Katrina and Ted will discuss:

  • Incorporation of more virtual solutions for patients, sites, and study teams
  • Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning to help manage clinical data
  • How to handle increasingly complex clinical trial protocols

Creating a 360 View of the Patient with Data Unification

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In this session, we will focus on how Medidata’s unified platform can empower clinical teams to put the patient at the center of the trial. The session will discuss the data integration and advanced analytic capabilities on the back end that enables clinical teams to support and monitor patients throughout their clinical trial journey.

We will show how data is collected directly from the patient through a wearable sensor or smartphone, and how it flows directly into Medidata’s unified platform. From there, we will discuss how that data is standardized, mapped, and analyzed to alert clinical team members of potential patient problems in near real time.

Delivering a Superior Patient and Site Experience on a Unified Platform

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In this session, watch a case study of how Rezolute, a nimble biotech company shares how they are ranked as “sponsor of choice” for sites treating patients with Congenital Hyperinsulinism (HI) – an ultra-rare pediatric genetic disorder.  Learn how they strategize and leverage Medidata’s unified platform, Medidata Clinical Cloud to create a seamless, easy yet engaging experience for patients and sites from launch to completion.

Trends for the “New Normal” of Drug Development What should be considered and why?

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Find out what is the “new normal” now in the world of clinical trials and drug development, and how it is different from traditional way of conducting trials and new ways to improve the efficiency in drug development processes.

如何應用IT科技電子化收集Patient-Reported Outcomes / ePRO / Virtual Trials


進一步瞭解Medidata ePRO系統目前國際上的應用趨勢, 以及近期被廣泛討論的Virtual Trials簡介。

Medidata臨床系統線上講座: Risk-Based Monitoring


ICH E6R2發布後,Risk-Based Monitoring已經在全球各國成為確保臨床試驗執行得到良好數據品質的必要計畫。然而在實際操作中,Risk-Based Monitoring流程可能太過於複雜,缺乏效率。

本次Medidata臨床系統線上講座我們將邀請Medidata全球產品經理 季川先生為我們介紹如何應用最新IT科技優化Risk-Based Monitoring流程。期待您的參加。