Behind the Data

A video series delivering insights on the future technology of clinical research – from the Medidata innovators who are shaping it.

Real people, real solutions, real stories, real innovation…Hear from the Medidata team about the future of technology in clinical research and what is happening now that can drive your clinical trial outcomes. Watch now!


Episode 1: “Data is the way to deliver better outcomes for the people we care about most”

The infrastructure for Patient-Centric Innovation

I’m thrilled to launch the inaugural episode of Behind the Data, where I speak with the people behind the technology that’s shaping the future of clinical research. Today I’m joined by Robert Lyons, VP of Engineering at Medidata Solutions, who shares his thoughts about why a modern data architecture is so essential for organizations to be able to unlock new clinical discoveries that will advance human health.


Episode 2: “No trial should fail due to poor quality data”

Data that Matters – Redefining Quality for better patient outcomes

Excited to drop another episode of Behind the Data! Today I’m chatting with my good friend and colleague Olgica Klindworth, VP of Data Quality and Risk Management Solutions at Medidata Solutions. We dive headfirst into the world of data quality innovation, exploring how organizations are reshaping the way they conduct clinical trials in the face of ever-evolving data challenges.

And the punchline: quality oversight isn’t just about ticking regulatory boxes – it’s about offering a beacon of hope to patients in need of care. Have a listen!


Episode 3: “RBQM is NOT just a box to check”

The People Powering RBQM

In this episode of Behind the Data, I interview Anne Rosenberg, Solutions Services Principal, Data Quality & Risk at Medidata Solutions about clinical operations changing their approach to trial delivery. We cover how RBQM becomes the connective tissue for clinical operations to aggregate data faster, review and reconcile data from different sources.