Rave Grants Manager

Rave Grants Manager

Accelerate study startup & achieve financial health of your clinical trial

Establishing and setting fair market value (FMV) for investigator grant budgets are crucial to ensure consistent and accurate budgets.  Access to one data source that can provide benchmarks that are accurate is hard to come by.  Rave Grants Manager manages the entire investigator grant life cycle of clinical trials.  The solution provides Sponsors and CROs with a comprehensive, data-driven way to quickly and accurately develop investigator grant budgets and efficiently conduct the site budget negotiation process. Rave Grants Manager also leverages tools and data to process site budget amendments.  All are driven by Medidata’s PICAS database, the clinical benchmark and cost database of purely negotiation investigator grants. The PICAS database contains a large volume of procedures covering almost all therapeutic areas, indications and phases.

Rave Grants Manager ensures visibility, accuracy and transparency across the entire grant life cycle.

Optimal planning and execution

Effectively align budgets with corporate strategic objectives.

Timely study startup

Streamline budget planning and site negotiation.

Financial scenario modeling

Measure study complexity along with site and patient burden

Effective financial analysis

Leverage fair market value benchmarks and identify key drivers from data with the PICAS database.

Can you tell if you're overpaying for procedures? Is site budgeting slowing down your process? It’s time for a change with Rave Grants Manager.