Rave Grants Manager

Rave Grants Manager

Budget and negotiate sites faster and more efficiently.

The time you spend on site grant budgeting and negotiations is time taken away from your clinical trial. With Rave Grants Manager, you can quickly develop global study budgets, knowledgeably contract with investigative sites, and accurately establish fair market value (FMV) rates using a comprehensive, data-driven approach.

Don’t let inefficient contracting and budget negotiations delay your clinical study. Learn how Rave Grants Manager can help you get up and running quickly.

Why Rave Grants Manager?

Negotiate Smarter

Tap into industry-wide, negotiated site cost information using an online, collaborative web platform with exclusive access to the PICAS® database. Use actual grants and industry benchmarks to ensure FMV payments and facilitate budget negotiations with multiple sites.

Strategize Better

Take advantage of the only product on the market that allows you to see protocol complexity, procedure frequency, and site-specific costs that will improve your negotiation strategy. Get guided development and planning of your trial budget to ensure accurate and defensible payments to investigator sites.

Act Faster

Replace cumbersome email and paper-based processes with digital communication between sponsors, CROs, and sites — accelerating review, exchange, and approval by all parties.

Can you tell if you're overpaying for procedures? Is site budgeting slow and contentious? It’s time for a change with Rave Grants Manager.

Getting the most out of Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud with Rave Grants Manager

Site activation, enabled by Rave Grants Manager, Rave eConsent, Rave CTMS, and Rave eTMF.

Automate and regulate your site activation process to speed up document review, increase transparency between business partners, and ensure compliance. Using Rave Grants Manager, you can drive faster negotiations with FMV pricing. Our Rave eConsent tool helps you reduce the risk of multiple consent versions through approval. Manage approvals and site activation checklists in Rave CTMS and Rave eTMF.

End-to-end support from budgeting to payments, enabled by Rave Grants Manager, Rave Site Payments, Rave EDC, and Rave CTMS.

Combine the right sites, procedures, budgets, and payment processes in your study planning. Minimize complexity and set the stage for operational efficiency by reducing the FTE time needed for reconciliations. Rave Grants Manager helps you optimize the amount you pay for a procedure, subject visit, or other site fee; use it to reference our comprehensive data set of fully executed investigator agreements that have been negotiated with tens of thousands of sites, to arrive at the optimal budget. Rave Site Payments sets up negotiated site costs to calculate a payment after a subject visit or procedure is complete in your Rave EDC database. Track every step of the process using Rave CTMS.

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