iMedidata 2018.1.0 Release Training


This course will demonstrate how to enable single sign-on into iMedidata if your company or partner has a log in integration with iMedidata.

Recording of Global Education training sessions is strictly prohibited. Any attempts to record training will result in an immediate stoppage of training until recording is terminated.

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Biostatisticians, Business Developer, C# Programmers, Clinical Operations, Clinical Operations/Standards Organizations, Clinical Trial Administrators, Clinicians, Core Lab, CRO Outsourcing Groups, Custom Function Developers, Data Entry Personnel, Data Managers, Dictionary/Medical Coders, Finance/Contracting, Functional Managers, Global Librarians, Global Trial Managers, Information Technology Personnel, Local Trial Managers, Medical Representatives, Monitors, Outputs Specialists, Partner Sales, Pharmacists, Primary Investigators, Programmers, Project Managers (Clinical), Protocol Developers/Medical Writers, Reporting Specialists, Reviewer Personnel, Safety Users/Pharmacovigilance, Shipper Manager, Shippers, Site Personnel, Site/User Administrators, Sponsor Personnel, Statisticians, Study Designers/Builders, Study Managers, Supply Managers, System Administrators (Clinical), Translation Specialists


4 min





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