Advanced Rave EDC for Sponsors


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Medidata Classic Rave EDC Essentials for Clinical Research Associates
Medidata Classic Rave EDC Essentials for Data Managers


This training course is intended for sponsor staff (Monitors, Data Managers, etc.) who work on clinical trials and have already completed Rave EDC Essentials training for Data Managers or Monitors. Users will gain an advanced understanding of working with subjects, as well as learning additional Rave features for data handling and Rave EDC reporting which will help them in their data management responsibilities.

One or more assessments are included as part of this course. Attendees must pass the assessment(s) to obtain credit for the course.

Recording of Global Education training sessions is strictly prohibited. Any attempts to record training will result in an immediate stoppage of training until recording is terminated.

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Data Managers, Monitors


~20 min


English, Japanese


Rave EDC (Legacy)

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Course Outline - Advanced Rave EDC for Sponsors

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