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Medidata Classic Rave EDC Essentials - All Roles or role-specific EDC Essentials
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This course provides an overview of the Rave Configuration Module. The Rave Configuration Module allows you to specify settings that can be applied across the entire Rave application.
Attendees will learn to:

  • Define EDC workflow
  • Specify styles and colors within the user interface
  • Configure role-specific settings, including missing codes, actions and permissions

Note: This course does not include configuration options for Architect Security, Amendment Manager, DDE, Locales or PDF Settings. These topics are covered in their respective module trainings, for example, Architect Security topics are discussed during Architect Security training.

Recording of Global Education training sessions is strictly prohibited. Any attempts to record training will result in an immediate stoppage of training until recording is terminated.

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Data Managers, Study Designers/Builders


~25 mins


English, Japanese, Korean


Rave EDC (Legacy)

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Medidata Classic Rave Certified Study Builder

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Course Outline - Rave Configuration

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