Lotus Clinical Research, LLC

Lotus Clinical Research, LLC

Lotus Clinical Research is a full-service CRO, scientific/ regulatory consulting firm, and nationwide network of specialty clinical research sites. Lotus was founded in 2001 by board-certified anesthesiologist Neil Singla, MD, who now serves as Chief Scientific Officer. Since its inception, Lotus has performed over 500 clinical trials, largely in acute and chronic pain models, and has been integral to obtaining FDA approval for multiple new therapies. Lotus’ mission is to pioneer and operationalize research methodology that improves the efficiency and accuracy of clinical trials. Key drivers of this mission include specialized science-driven CRO expertise and unified study conduct methodology across Lotus’ network of research sites. Lotus’ key innovations include developing industry gold standard placebo response mitigation programs and pioneering and standardizing abdominoplasty as a fast-enrolling, experimentally sensitive recruited model for soft tissue postsurgical pain studies. In 2019, Lotus acquired HD research, a network of specialty analgesic and perioperative research sites run by board-certified anesthesiologists Harold Minkowitz, MD and David Leiman, MD. A core directive of the combined company is to standardize recruitment of chronic pain studies using the same methodology Lotus used to standardize recruited models in acute pain. The group continues to develop methodological innovations aimed at performing both chronic and acute pain trials more quickly and accurately.

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