MMS Holdings

MMS is an award-winning, data-focused clinical research organization (CRO) supporting all of the top ten big pharma companies as well as multiple smaller companies across a wide spectrum of services. Having completed more than 70 submissions for drug approval over the last five years, MMS is a top choice for sponsors who are looking for innovation and demand high quality from their CRO partners. Senior leadership at MMS has over two decades of hands-on drug development experience that helps support program-level strategy and execution of projects across multiple therapeutic areas. Continual staff training, innovative recruitment and motivating career options help us retain the best talent and develop a strong, client-focused workforce across all global locations. MMS specializes in clinical development, clinical data management and programming, biostatistics and regulatory/medical writing services for the pharmaceutical industry. With over 800 colleagues worldwide, MMS provides quality services across the spectrum of clinical, safety and pharmacovigilance and regulatory areas with a focus on study reporting, regulatory submissions and product defense. We have a comprehensive understanding of various regulatory guidelines, requirements for clinical databases, submissions, and our systems operate according to 21 CFR Part 11 to ensure our clients receive data that meets requirements from the Food and Drug Administration in the US and the European Medicines Agency in the European Union as well as International Conference on Harmonization good clinical practices guidelines. In addition, MMS is the only CRO to be ISO 9001 certified for all services since inception, and we maintain detailed quality metrics for every project. MMS is a certified Minority Owned Business.