ZEG Berlin GmbH

ZEG Berlin is a private research institute specialized in conducting post-authorization safety / effectiveness studies. From protocol development to the final publication of study results, we believe in entering into a collaborative partnership with our clients, striving to develop study designs that are best equipped to deliver quality data that accurately answers the question at hand.

Our focus is the delivery of innovative real world evidence studies that avoid unnecessary oversight from study sites and physician-investigators. By optimizing study processes, our non-interventional studies use direct-to-patient collection techniques and secondary data sources to provide our clients with regulatory approved data on the safety and effectiveness of medicines and medical devices.

Our specialized team of highly-skilled physicians, epidemiologists and statisticians has extensive experience in the design of studies for complex epidemiological questions and is ready to assist you in developing studies that are best suited to your needs. We are a full-service institute, offering all components for post-authorization medical research – from study design to project implementation, study conduct and the publication and presentation of results.

ZEG is affiliated with Cerner Enviza. Cerner Enviza provides data-driven solutions and expertise that helps bring remarkable clarity to life sciences’ and healthcare’s most important decisions.