Fierce Clinical Collective 2022

Medidata returns as a Platinum Sponsor at the newly renamed Fierce Clinical Collective hosted by Fierce Pharma. Taking place in Philadephia, PA this is the one conference all clinical trial professionals need to be at, three programs all in one location. Medidata is taking part in two of the three programs: 

Clinical Quality Oversight Forum, where sites share best practices for ensuring clinical trial integrity and inspection readiness through effective oversight of internal, vendor and site operations. 

Decentralized Clinical Trials Summit, where industry experts industry have in-depth discussions on the momentum needed to move forward, current and future trends for ongoing virtual trials, and the many ways companies can improve patient engagement and trial behavior.

Join us for three days in Philadephia for our can’t miss sessions:

Oct 25 1:45 - 2:15p ET Combining Historical Insights with Advanced Analytics for Better Trial Quality Control,

Olgica Klindworth, Senior Director, R&D, Medidata; 

Oct 25 3:30 - 4:00p ET Understanding the Lifecycle of Decentralized Clinical Trials,

Michael Tucker, Managing Partner, Patient Cloud, Medidata