Improving Access to Clinical Trials Through Patient Registries


Improving Access to Clinical Trials Through Patient Registries

Patient recruitment is often the rate limiting step in bringing new therapies to market. Creating an educated and empowered community of patients prepared to participate in clinical research will dramatically transform the way participants are recruited and engaged in clinical research. In this session, learn how patient registries improve patient access while optimizing experiences in clinical trials and hear first-hand from a patient advocate about their experience using registries.


Kelly McKee

Vice President, Patient Registries and Recruitment

Kelly McKee recently joined Medidata as the Vice President of Patient Registries and Recruitment with 20 years of experience in clinical trial operations, patient recruitment and innovation. She is a proven clinical trial leader and trailblazer in operationalizing global patient-focused solutions across organizations including innovations in clinical trial awareness, access, and improvements in patient experiences. Kelly is passionate about celebrating the role that clinical trial participants bring in making new medicines and vaccines possible and was named one of PharmaVoice’s 100 Most Inspiring Leaders in 2020, Centerwatch’s Top 20 Innovators of 2018, and PharmaTimes’ Clinical Researcher of the Year, Clinical Research Teams, in 2012.