Industry Roundtable


Industry Roundtable: Using novel sources of data and analytics to predict and mitigate trial failure for CAR-T trials

Despite the promise of CAR-T therapies, development of these novel approaches face significant headwinds — especially as it relates to patient safety. Historical clinical trial data offers a unique solution in mitigating risk to patients and overall trial success.

We convened a live, interactive roundtable of industry leaders to discuss the headwinds faced in CAR-T therapy development to collaboratively discuss and share examples how sharing data can unlock potential for the entire industry. 

Watch our discussion on topics including:

  • How can developers use data to design safer trials? 
  • What are the main drivers of trial failures and program stoppages in CAR-T?
  • What are the novel sources of data and insights available for CAR-T developers?
  • What does the future look like for CAR-T development? 

Khamir Mehta Director Clinical Pharmacology Modeling and Simulation, Amgen

Purvesh Khatri Assoc. Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Data Science, Stanford University

Esther Nie Neuroimmunology Fellow, Stanford University

Jacob Aptekar Senior Director of Trial Design Solutions, Medidata