Intelligent Trials

Intelligent Trials

Enabling more agile and confident decision making to optimize clinical trials

The clinical trial landscape is more complex and challenged than ever. Past success and practices are no longer sufficient predictors of future success. Intelligent Trials brings AI enabled technology, partnered with advanced analytics, to meet the challenges of this ever changing landscape. Our clinical trial analytics solution brings together cross-industry real-time performance metrics, predictive models, and forecasting capabilities to give you a competitive edge in trial planning and execution.


FAQ & Brief

Gain the insight for competitive advantage with Medidata’s Acorn AI Intelligent Trials


Gain the insight to outperform

In an ever-competitive industry environment, Intelligent Trials offers the insights needed to win more bids and stand out from the competition.

Mid-sized/Emerging Sponsors

Gain the insight to succeed

Often constrained by technology expertise, infrastructure, and/or liquidity, Intelligent Trials offers the insights needed to safeguard trials.

Large Sponsors

Gain the insight to lead

With increasing pressure to deliver drugs to market faster and at lower cost, Intelligent Trials delivers the insights needed from better data and analytics.

Future proof your study design

  • Plan for greater trial performance
  • Improves patient centricity
  • Rapidly identify target patients

Be precise with your study feasibility

  • Identify optimal countries’ to enhance footprint
  • Act on predictive data patterns with forecasting abilities
  • Accelerate enrollment with forecasting abilities

Remediate studies in real-time

  • Monitor performance and competition in real time
  • Identify issues early and diagnose
  • Take immediate actions to course correct

Intelligent Trials Success Stories

Take a behind-the-scenes look at how biopharmaceutical organizations are using AI-enabled technology and advanced analytics to optimize trial performance.

Top 10 Sponsor

Rescuing a Critical Phase 3 Trial With Slow Enrollment

Large Sponsor

Predicting Factors Affecting Patient Dropout

Mid-sized Sponsor

Optimizing Planning for a Rare Disease Trial

Large CRO

Unlocking Competitive Advantage With Data Insights and Forecasting

Mid-sized CRO

Accelerating Trial Performance using Real World Data