Aryana Hosseinkhani

Senior Director Product Marketing, Patient Cloud

Aryana Hosseinkhani is the Senior Director of Product Marketing, Patient Cloud at Medidata, a Dassault Systemes Company. She completed her education at University of California, Davis in Genetics and shortly after began working as a bench scientist in stem cell research.

Hosseinkhani began her clinical research career at Science 37 around 7 years ago, as the third employee and a founding partner. At Medidata she focuses on product and patient communications in patient facing technologies. She believes that when sponsors, sites, and patients have optimized experiences, drug development timelines can be expedited and clinical research can become an option for more people. 

Hosseinkhani is passionate about the value of  research and seeing it through from the bench to the real world. Over her career, she has focused on disruptive and innovative technologies that can simplify clinical trials for patients, sites and sponsors.