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Clinical Minds Podcast: How Do We Keep Clinical Trial Patients Safe in the Pandemic?

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A clinical trial is an ongoing, constantly evolving process that researches, monitors, and analyzes the journey of a patient’s response to a particular drug. But who oversees it? Who ensures that every patient is secure and protected? And how has the advent of COVID-19 rewritten the rules for patient safety?

Episode transcript: How do we keep clinical trial patients safe in the pandemic?

In the second episode of our Clinical Minds podcast, How do we keep clinical trial patients safe in the pandemic?, we talk with Ari Feldman, vice president of global compliance and strategy at Medidata. Ari is an expert on the government’s role in clinical trial management and has published a comprehensive resource on its impact.

Government oversight is central to the proper and ethical execution of clinical trial protocol. It is the source of the tight scrutiny under which a trial operates. But recent circumstances have tested the capacity of governments to respond to rapid changes in human healthcare, and their ability to adapt while keeping patient safety at the forefront may just be the key to a trial’s success.

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