Medidata Payments Certified Study Builder

Medidata Payments Certified Study Builder

Medidata Payments Certified Study Builder

Description: The Payments Certified Study Builder track is designed for system administrators and “Super Users”. The learner will be certified to build components that are needed to successfully pay sites during a clinical trial including:

  • Study, Site and Organization configuration
  • Creating Triggers for Activity Costs
  • Linking Payees to activities that generate payment
  • Configuring Integrations with an EDC System

To be certified the learner must:

  • Complete the prerequisite classes; then
  • Pass the certification exam; then
  • Pass the Capstone

Prerequisite Courses*:

Introduction to Medidata Payments (eLearning)
Medidata Payments Execution (ILT)
Medidata Payments Configuration (ILT)

*Prerequisite courses must be taken on the track’s current available version, otherwise upgrade training may be required.

*This track requires passing of the exam and capstone to complete certification

Exam Details: 25-question exam offered in English, with a maximum duration of 90 minutes.

To enroll, please contact your Medidata Project Manager/Representative. They will facilitate your enrollment and access to the required prerequisites.

*Please note that the Certification Exams have migrated to a new ‘at will’ exam site that allows candidates to take the exam at a time that is convenient for them, within 60 days of registration.*

If you have any questions, please email the Certification team at

Capstone: The Medidata Capstone is the final stage in the Payments Study Builder Certification. The Capstone is an assessment that consists of several scenarios which apply concepts from topics covered in previous courses, allowing you to demonstrate your competency in independently setting up Payments. Upon completion of your prerequisite training and successful completion of the exam, you will be assigned to complete the Capstone to fulfill your certification requirements. You must complete the Capstone and submit the deliverable within 10 business days from the date of the assignment.

Note: Payments Certified Study Builder exam/capstone are available in English only. 

To pursue a Medidata Professional Certification, please contact your Medidata project manager or send an email to