National Women’s Health Week – Quotes from Medidata

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How we look after ourselves has arguably never been more in the spotlight. From personal health right through to wholesale lifestyle changes, the way we manage our physical wellbeing is now front and centre of the world’s focus.

We’re reminded not to take our health for granted, and to appreciate it by taking better care of ourselves.

So, during National Women’s Health Week this year, there is no better time to canvas the views from Medidata, a company that is leading the digital transformation of life sciences and is the world’s most-used platform for clinical trials. We caught up with some of its senior executive women to talk about the importance of women’s health and the role women are playing in healthcare.

“National Women’s Health Week serves as a fantastic reminder that no matter what age and journey in our lives we are on, making time for our own health and wellbeing should be a number one priority. National Women’s Health Week comes at a particular time when we are all coping with aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Managing the restrictions this brings is limiting and disrupting our usual routines and potentially impacting our physical and mental health. Regardless of what is going on in our lives, we should all take time in our day to focus on our health. National Women’s Health Week is very timely – it provides tools, support and encourages a great community spirit to share ideas on how to stay fit and healthy. Invest in ourselves for quality of life and longevity… we are worth it!” Fiona Maini, Principal Global Compliance and Strategy, Medidata Solutions

“Women face unique challenges when getting access to healthcare and treatment options therefore, it is important that we take time to acknowledge their individual journeys. We must take progressive measures to ensure that we are building a future for precision medicine where everyone has access to the healthcare they need.” Lyndsay Harris, Head of Global Corporate Social Responsibility & Diversity, Medidata Solutions

“National Women’s Health Week is an opportunity to highlight and inform us about what is unique and important about women’s health. Women bear exclusive and what can be long-standing impact to their health from pregnancy, breast and cervical cancer, as well as menopause. Women also suffer higher rates of depression, anxiety and osteoporosis compared to men. Raising awareness to these realities and ensuring a foundation of good health is really important for all women. National Women’s Health Week is a great reminder to embrace and ensure healthy eating, taking time for fitness, the need for regular checkups, and paying real attention to your mental and emotional health.” Jill Brennan, Senior Vice President, Sales EMEA, Medidata Solutions

“National Women’s Health Week is a perfect reminder for us to reflect on our own needs… as a professional, wife, mother, best friend, and/or caregiver. For many of us, we wear so many hats. Each pulling us in different directions everyday. We must take time to put our health first so we can be there for all the folks that depend on us each day. Put yourself first each day if only for 5 minutes – attend important health appointments, smile, and enjoy each day to its fullest.” Jackie Kent, Executive Vice President, Product, Medidata Solutions

“Typically women are nurturers and encourage those we love to take care of themselves, making doctor’s appointments and so on, often putting ourselves last. National Women’s Health Week is a timely reminder that we do also need to take care of ourselves and, importantly, give ourselves time to do that. But it’s easier said than done. As we reach different stages of adulthood, various health tests come to the fore – whether its a cervical screening or an annual mammogram – and these are no-brainers and easy steps to take to protect our health. Other steps take more effort and determination, which can be challenging in a busy, hectic life, like maintaining a healthy diet and exercise.” Leigh Quigg, Director, EMEA Marketing, Medidata Solutions

“In the past, women – especially of childbearing age – were prevented from enrolling in clinical trials. Thankfully, the need for including all people who might benefit from the therapy being studied is now widely recognized. Now, we must ensure that women are represented in trials at the rate that the disease affects women in real life. Diverse participation in clinical trials can both ensure that the therapy is appropriate for all, or even uncover differences in how the therapy works for different people.” Stephanie Chamberlain, Acorn AI, Head of Commercial, Medidata Solutions

“80% of healthcare decisions in the US are made by women, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Therefore, it is critical that their viewpoints are incorporated into the development of innovative therapies to advance healthcare.” Dianne Yurek, Vice President, Corporate Marketing

Advancements in healthcare and the focus on our individual healths has come a long way – even just in the last few years. As has the important role and contribution of women in healthcare. It is also clear that we are on the cusp of an exciting period of further growth, development and discovery. One that will deliver better medicine, better treatments and better lives for everyone.