NEXT Global: Decentralized Trials

Medidata NEXT Global

Decentralized Trials

Medidata NEXT Global is a one-of-a-kind virtual experience to examine the current and future state of clinical trials and the power of advanced analytics, all with a patient-first approach: delivering the right therapy to the right patient at the right time. Gain access to eight video sessions featuring tech adopters and clinical research innovators who discuss breaking down the barriers of traditional clinical trials with new digital health solutions that collect high-quality data from engaged patients and ensure oversight of that data – from anywhere.

Topics Include:

  • How life sciences firms are embracing a platform-first mindset to clinical trials
  • Pivotal role of technology in accelerating safe clinical trial development
  • State of the market in decentralized clinical trials and current adoption

Featured Speakers:

  • Marcello Damiani, Moderna
  • Laurie Callen, Moderna
  • Bola Oyegunwa, PhD, Labcorp
  • Cindy Grabowski, Boston Scientific
  • Kevin Walthers, Boston Scientific
  • Rosamund Round, Parexel
  • John Whitaker, CTI
  • Nitish Mittal, Everest Group
  • and more!
Decentralized Trials