Rave RBM

Rave RBM

Improve data quality and reduce risks of study failure

More and more, regulatory compliance poses a threat to completing your trial on time and within budget. Monitoring no longer just means managing data quality on- site. Rave RBM is the only end-to-end comprehensive solution that combines risk assessment and anomaly detection. Combined with centralized issue management, you and your team can identify risks and document actions in real-time while complying with ICH E6 requirements.

Identify risks and document actions in real-time.

Get Early, Real-Time Insights

With Rave RBM, you can statistically analyze millions of data points and identify known and unknown risks, anomalies, unexpected errors, potential fraud or misconduct, and procedural compliance issues. Then, you can track KRI performance over time to enable clinical teams to evaluate mitigation strategies.

Enrich Clinical Trial Data Quality

Your successful trial depends on the quality of your data. Now you have a flexible way to support centralized, on-site and remote monitoring strategies. Configure, test, and deploy study-level risk management procedures including critical data (TSDV), critical processes (SDR), and statistical analytics (CSA/KRIs).

Strengthen Cross-functional Team Collaboration

Rave RBM allows different functional teams to review critical risks centrally with minimal overlaps and redundancies. Now, you can track workflows in one location through easy- to- read flags, highlights, or alerts that immediately communicate when workflows have been initiated or completed—allowing for optimal collaboration across global cross-functional teams.

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