The cloud-based clinical trial monitoring system, (CTMS) that works like a dream.

Cloud technology allows Rave CTMS to offer the same power to every size organization. Simple configuration tailors CTMS to the unique requirements of your study – no IT experience required. And its open architecture seamlessly exchanges information with other systems—pre-populating data, triggering events and eliminating duplicate work. There’s even a configurable connection with Rave EDC to provide real-time views into study progress without manual tracking or data reconciliation.

Run your study, not the other way around.

Feature and Benefits

Study Management

Get real-time views from the daily details of your study progress to the birds-eye-view of executive oversight without manual tracking or data reconciliation. Generate reports at the program or portfolio level that summarize study enrollment and milestones. Track internal and external teams and manage study documentation all from the cloud.

Site Monitoring

Increase visit report productivity while reducing time investment and operational costs. Author, review, approve and finalize monitoring visit reports directly in Rave CTMS. Generate confirmation and follow-up letters. Track and provide visibility on open actions including confirmation letters and monitoring reports.

Rave EDC Integration

Eliminate duplicate data entry, data reconciliation, and manual tracking. Rave CTMS works with Rave EDC or any other EDC right out of the box, eliminating costly integrations. Your EDC data auto-populates in Rave CTMS and triggers events such as important milestones, automatically.

Louis Minham
Senior Director IT, CTI Clinical Trial & Consulting

Hear how CTI Clinical Trial & Consulting share their views on selecting and implementing Medidata's Rave CTMS, a cloud-based clinical trial management system.