The Rise of Integrated Data in Medical Devices

White Paper

The Rise of Integrated Data in Medical Devices

More than 70% of healthcare-related data streams are from external sources.

The massive volumes of data being generated from diverse sources – such as EHRs, sensors, and medical images – is transforming clinical trials, especially within the medical device industry.

Using big data in an efficient and meaningful manner requires an integrated data approach, which can bring new and transformative opportunities in facilitating product innovation, improving regulatory pathways, and maximizing commercialization. While certain challenges must be addressed, adopting a unified data platform that can aggregate and integrate data allows device manufacturers to focus their efforts on bringing life-changing medical devices to market.

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  • How integrated data impacts product innovation, regulatory pathways, and commercialization
  • How an effective data infrastructure that integrates and manages data can mitigate current industry challenges
  • How the creation and availability of more data points in clinical trials enables novel insights

Bring New Medical Devices to Market Faster by Adopting a Unified Data Platform