RTSM Forum: New Opportunities in Clinical Supply Forecasting

It’s no secret that clinical trial sponsors grapple with drug wastage. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to waste 30-50% of the precious drug supply produced for any given trial. While some of this waste is attributable to temperature excursions or supply chain challenges, much of it is simply due to overproduction. Sponsors err on the side of caution and overproduce products to ensure that sufficient supply is available to patients at the clinical trial site. However, the unpredictable nature of patient enrollment often leaves these valuable resources sitting idle on the shelf—and eventually expiring. The cost of this wasted drug supply is staggering.

Forecasting drug supply needs for a clinical trial is notoriously difficult. Whether you rely on commercial forecasting applications or spreadsheets, the accuracy of your clinical supply forecasts is only as good as the inputs and assumptions driving them.

Please join the RTSM Forum on Thursday, April 18th to learn how our expert panelists view the challenge of supply forecasting. We’ll explore:

  • Common pitfalls associated with drug supply forecasting in clinical trials
  • New features in Rave RTSM that can help optimize your forecasts
  • Future opportunities to leverage AI and machine learning in supply forecasting

Date: Thursday, April 18, 2024

Time: 2pm-3pm BST (9-10am eastern time)

Who Should Attend:

Directors and managers who work in the following areas:

Clinical Trial Supply Chain, Clinical Projects, Clinical Strategy & Operations, Clinical Vendor Management, Drug Supply & Planning.


Meena Kaushik, Moderator, RTSM Lead Product Adoption Liaison, Medidata

Paul McManus, Global Clinical Supply Head, Sanofi

Révérien Uwacu – Independent Consultant, Supply Management at UCB

Michelle Friedman, Principal Supply Chain Consultant, Beacon BioPharm Associates