Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Helping you drive the transformation of the Life Science Industry, not just keep up with it

Our dedicated Strategic Consulting team can help you align your processes to your global strategic objectives. With experience gained from over 15,000 studies and unrivaled industry expertise, we offer tailored guidance in assessing and evolving your model, moving faster to implement, scaling your capabilities and adopting industry best practices.

End-to-end Guidance and Consultation

Seamless and unified technology adoption and process strategy

Always-On Support

Technology insights to ensure products and solutions maximize platform efficiency

Product Lifecycle Management

Best practice consultative approach to ensure quality, ease of use, and productivity

Process Optimization and Governance

Continuously assessment and optimization framework to ensure long-term value realization

Training & Performance Support

Industry leader in training development, delivery and performance support models

Change Management Expertise

Proven approach to moving stakeholders to the target solution state

Readiness Assessments

Add our rigorous research, vast knowledge set and watershed innovation to your team.

Let Medidata experts help you get started with your business transformation

Outsourcing and CRO governance

Reduce costs and risk through optimal outsourcing governance, from honed strategies for CRO selection to data-driven management processes.

Business Transformation

Drive best practices and optimal study design through business transformation, change management and analytics and benchmarking to improve performance and measure success.

Study Design Optimization

Streamline and enhance trial processes and overall decrease your study cost, complexity, and timelines for optimal protocol process and study design.

Kevin Williams
President, Transcend Trials
Professional Services and Edge Site Payments

Use our expertise to set, meet and advance your organizational objectives.