Decentralized Clinical Trials

Medidata Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) Program

Your patients don’t miss a visit, and you don’t miss a data point.

There is no going back. The promise of DCTs to deliver better patient experiences and accelerate drug development have established them as the new normal in clinical research. As important as patient-centric data capture solutions are to successful DCTs, equally important are capabilities to monitor and ensure the integrity of this high-velocity, high volume data.

At Medidata, our focus has been on providing complete decentralized trial activities, in how patients participate and provide data for clinical trials, how investigational product is supplied to the patient, and how trial data is managed and monitored post-capture. We believe having a comprehensive, interoperable solution to manage the conduct and oversight of DCTs is the future of clinical studies.

Let’s build your path to decentralization, together

Medidata’s Trial DialTM helps you virtualize as much or as little of your study as needed by providing a composable and configurable set of capabilities to reflect the best mix of onsite/virtual touchpoints for an enhanced patient and site experience.

Reuters Webinar

Virtual Clinical Trials vs. Clinical Trial Virtualization

Join tech adopters, clinical research innovators, and industry thought leaders from Medidata, Parexel, Circuit Central, and Clinical Innovation Partners to explore the changing paradigm of study conduct to enable virtualization of clinical trials.

The industry’s only complete decentralized clinical trial solution

We are the first company to offer decentralizing capabilities for both patient participation and study quality, and we only earn our role as your trusted partner through decades of innovation.

The Value of a DCT Program

The industry’s only complete trial decentralization solution.

We are the only company that thinks about the whole trial, delivering novel decentralizing capabilities for both patient participation and study quality.

Any data, from anywhere, available everywhere.

Take a low-risk approach to decentralization by unifying all data on one platform, bridging the gap between data and workflows.

Advanced analytics power smarter, safer trials.

Continuously monitor and analyze your data, from anywhere, to realize the next generation of Clinical Operations.

Looking to decentralize your next clinical trial?

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