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Medidata Academy Announces 3 New RCM eLearning Courses

With the 2019.2.0 release of RCM, Medidata Academy is happy to announce 3 new RCM eLearning courses now available in English.  The 3 foundational courses are RCM: System Admin - Reports, RCM: System Admin - Document Management, and eTMF Study Generation.

Medidata RCM: System Admin - Reports

In this 5 minute eLearning,  you will learn about reports and report sharing.  The intended audience is System Admins for RCM who generate and share reports

Medidata RCM: System Admin - Document Management 

In this 16 minute eLearning, you will learn about documents, folders, and properties in RCM.  The intended audience is System Admins for RCM who will determine and setup properties for documents and folders.

Medidata eTMF Study Generation 

In this 15 minute eLearning, you will learn about, eTMF Study Generation in iMedidata or Cloud Admin.  The intended audience is for Study Managers who will be managing the Trial Master File in eTMF.

The courses are available via iMedidata.

If you have any questions about this course's content and/or eLearning access, please feel free to reach out to us at