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Medidata Academy announces Batch Uploader 2016.4.0 and 2016.3.1 Release Training is available

Medidata Academy is excited to announce the Batch Uploader 2016.4.0 Release Training for the Batch Uploader R3 release.

Medidata Batch Uploader 2016.4.0 Release Training

This 2 minute course trains users on the new login process associated with the Batch Uploader 2016.4.0 and 2016.3.1 releases.

The Batch Uploader allows for the upload of data collected outside of Rave. In this eLearning course, the legacy Batch Uploader login process is covered, as well as how users will log into Batch Uploader going forward with the 2016.4.0 and 2016.3.1 releases.

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