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Medidata Academy announces New and Renamed training for Coder 2020.1.0

As part of the Rave Coder 2020.1.0 release, Medidata Academy is happy to announce the following materials available in English.


New Show Me Video


WHODrug B3 to B3 Study Upversioning

This video covers the new feature that provides an improved method for upversioning studies that use WHODrug B3 format dictionaries. It covers the process of how to upversion a study, and its pre-requisites.


This video is available to all clients who have access to the Rave Coder Video Library on the Medidata Knowledge Space.


Renamed eLearning course - Medidata Rave Coder WHODrug B2 to B3 Study Upversioning


Old Name: The "Medidata Coder 2019.1.2 Release Training" eLearning course has now been renamed to

New Name: "Medidata Rave Coder WHODrug B2 to B3 Study Upversioning" eLearning course. The content of the course has not been updated.


The course was renamed to make the title consistent with the content, as it covers the end-to-end (Coder-Rave-Coder) B2 to B3 Upversioning process overview. This also avoids confusion over the different training materials available for each type of study upversioning.


Note: All clients who had the "Medidata Coder 2019.1.2 Release Training" course configured in iMedidata will automatically see the new course name. This has no impact on current course completions or study access for external clients.


Please contact your Medidata representative for scheduling.

For any questions on the course content, please contact