Medidata Academy announces New and Updated Courses and Videos for Platform CTMS

In support of the 2020.1.0 coordinated release for Platform CTMS, Medidata Academy is happy to announce a new Medidata Rave CTMS 2020.1.0 Release Training and a new Manage Task Templates show me video, both available in English.


In addition, updates have been made to the existing Medidata Study Management: Milestones Overview eLearning course and Configure Milestones Settings and Templates show me video, both also available in English.


New eLearning Course

Medidata Rave CTMS 2020.1.0 Release Training

This course covers new features and enhancements for all Rave CTMS applications, for the 2020.1.0 release.


Learners will view a menu; including Study Management & Task Management, Site Monitoring, Issue Management, and Dashboard; from which they will be able to select one or more options to learn about.


Updated eLearning Course

Medidata Study Management: Milestones Overview

This course covers the ‘Milestones’ feature in Study Management, CTMS. It is designed for users who will be planning and tracking Milestone dates at the Study, Country, or Site level.


Updates have been made to include feature enhancements for navigation and other general UI changes related to 2020.1.0.


If you have any questions about course content and eLearning access, please feel free to reach out to us at

The course is now available via iMedidata. Please contact your Medidata representative for enrollment.


ShowMe Videos

These videos are available in the knowledge space.

(New) Manage Task Templates - Task Management Knowledge Space

(Update) Configuring Milestones Settings and Templates - Study Management Knowledge Space