Medidata Academy Announces New and Updated eLearnings For iMedidata (Japanese versions)

Medidata Academy is happy to announce that the new Activating Your iMedidata Account eLearning and updated iMedidata Account Management eLearning are now available in Japanese.

  1. Activating Your iMedidata Account
    This eLearning will walk users iMedidata account activation process, both for new iMedidata users and for users who want to link a newer account to an existing iMedidata account. The course will also introduce the main functions on the iMedidata homepage.
  2. iMedidata Account Management
    This updated eLearning will walk users through setting up an iMedidata account for the first time. This course will also help users navigate to Rave EDC once on the iMedidata homepage.

We strongly recommend this revised course, as it would benefit all users to familiarize themselves with the course updates