Medidata Academy Announces New and Updated Training for the Patient Cloud Product Suite

Medidata Academy is happy to announce new and updated training resources for the Patient Cloud Suite! One (1) new eLearning, and one (1) updated eLearning course are available now via iMedidata. Both courses are available in English and reflect the following feature releases:

  • Rave Wearable Sensors (2019.3.0)
  • Patient Cloud Settings (2020.2.0)


New eLearning Training Course (1)

Medidata Rave Wearable Sensors Compliance Dashboard for Fitbit (2019.3.0)

This course is designed for study builders, site users, and administrators who support or manage Rave Wearable Sensor studies using Fitbit devices.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Configure the Fitbit Compliance Dashboard in the Patient Cloud Settings App
  • Access the Compliance Dashboard
  • Review the data logged in the Dashboard

Please contact your Medidata representative for enrollment.


All course updates are automatically available to new users according to current course mapping and require no additional action for study administrators. Updated courses are recommended for existing users but are not automatically assigned, and course completions are not impacted.

Updated eLearning Course (1)

Medidata Rave eCOA for Study Builders: Configuring Your Study

This course has been updated to include the following features as part of the 2020.2.0 feature release:

  • Participant Password Expiration Setting (2020.2.0)

This course replaced the existing course on iMedidata and Learning Lab starting 2 June 2020, and has no impact on current course completions or study access for external clients. There is no action required for users who viewed the previous course, and all new users will automatically be assigned the updated course.

Please contact your Medidata representative for enrollment.

If you have any questions about any training course content or eLearning access, please feel free to reach out to us at