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Medidata Academy Announces New Cloud Administration 2018.5.0 eLearning

Medidata Academy is happy to announce that the new Cloud Administration 2018.5.0 Release Training eLearning course is now available in English.

Medidata Cloud Administration: 2018.5.0 Release Training

This eLearning covers new features such as adding the same access to multiple users within the same Client Division or same Studies, copying roles from an existing Client Division into another Client Division, improved searching options on the Managed Roles screen, and the ability to view audit changes for Client Division Role Assignments and Study Environment Sites. The course will also cover enhancements to existing Cloud Administration features, such as an improvement to the error messages when uploading users to a study.

When will the Cloud Administration training courses be updated?

We are keeping track of all the previous release changes that affected the Cloud Administration user interface, and plan to have updated versions of all the general Cloud Administration training courses available by end of Q1 of 2019. These course updates will include all the new features and enhancements from 2018.2.0, 2018.3.0, 2018.4.0, and 2018.5.0 releases.

If you have any questions about this course's content, please feel free to reach out to us at