Medidata Academy Announces New eCOA Caregiver eLearning

Medidata Academy is excited to announce one new eLearning in conjunction with Patient Cloud 2019 R6 Releases! This course highlights the primary feature reflected in the following releases:

  • Patient Cloud iOS 2019.4.0
  • Patient Cloud Android 2019.4.0
  • Patient Cloud Settings 2019.4.0
  • Patient Cloud Registration 2019.3.0

The new eLearning course is available via iMedidata for clients. New study builders will need to view this course in addition to the following:

This course is currently available in English.

Medidata Patient Cloud: eCOA Caregiver

This course is designed for study managers, site users, and study builders who support or design Rave eCOA studies that utilize the Patient Cloud mobile app.

Attendees will learn:

  • What is the Caregiver Feature?
  • How to configure the feature using Patient Cloud Settings
  • How to design Caregiver forms in Rave Architect
  • How site personnel assign Caregivers in Patient Cloud Registration
  • How Caregiver data appears in Rave EDC

We strongly encourage using this training course as part of ongoing and foundational education.

For questions about course content and eLearning access, please reach out to us at

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