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Medidata Academy announces new Getting Started with Issue Management eLearning

Medidata Academy is excited to announce the new Getting Started with Medidata Issue Management eLearning.


1) Getting Started with Medidata Issue Management

Issue Management allows organizations running clinical trials to streamline the process of capturing findings and managing resolutions as part of clinical operations. It facilitates clinical research organizations (or sponsors) and key study team members to log findings and potential problems using an intuitive interface. The interface provides a holistic view of issues, deviations, and preventive or corrective actions at the client division, study-environment, country, and site context levels, depending on role and level of access.


This course focuses on basic configuration and navigation of the Issue Management module. Topics include:

  • Issue Management Settings Overview
  • Managing Issues and Actions
  • Creating Issues and Actions


If you have any questions about the course, please feel free to reach out to us at