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Medidata Academy announces new Getting Started with Medidata Dashboard eLearning!

In conjunction with the 2019.1.0 release, Medidata Academy is excited to announce that the Getting Started with Medidata Dashboard eLearning is now available in English!


To access the course in the Learning Lab, click the course title below:


1) Getting Started with Medidata Dashboard

The new Medidata Dashboard application visually tracks and displays key metrics and data points to monitor the clinical trial management process. Team members no longer have to manually gather information from various areas to determine where their priorities should be. The single-page Dashboard provides various platform users a consolidated view of the tasks they need to perform. The Dashboard also provides a quick summary of desired information.

The Getting Started with Medidata Dashboard course covers the essentials of the Dashboard, including:

  • Accessing Medidata Dashboard
  • Navigating Basics for Medidata Dashboard

Please contact your Medidata representative for enrollment.

If you have any questions about this course's content and eLearning access, please feel free to reach out to us at