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Medidata Academy announces new Rave RTSM Materials for 2020.2.0 Release

Hi Everyone-

In conjunction with the 2020.2.0 release, Medidata Academy is happy to announce that the new Medidata Rave RTSM: 2020.2.0 eLearning and related videos are now available in English.

New eLearnings

Medidata Rave RTSM: 2020.2.0 Release

In this 11 minute eLearning, you will learn about the new features and enhancements related to the 2020.2.0 release, such utilizing the Direct-to-Patient features in a study, viewing updates to the Shipping Investigation Tab, entering item IDS in Rave EDC and dispensing them in Rave RTSM through Dispense only forms, and other enhancements.

The course is now available via iMedidata. Please contact your Medidata representative for enrollment.

New Video

New videos are available on Knowledge Space for the Direct-To-Patient functionality:

  1. Activate Direct-to-Patient Features
  2. Update Visit Schedule for Direct-to-Patient
  3. Update Sites for Direct-to-Patient
  4. Reviewing Direct-to-Patient Shipments and Inventory


If you have any additional questions about eLearning access, please contact the Learning Operations team at

If you have any questions about this course's content, please feel free to reach out to us at