Medidata Academy announces new training materials for the Balance 2017.4.0 Release!

Medidata Academy is excited to present the following training materials as part of the Balance 2017.4.0 Release.

1) Medidata Balance: 2017.4.0 Release Training

This eLearning will cover the new features and enhancements that have been added to Balance for the 2017.4.0 release, such as: 

  • Reviewing the Supply Accountability setup in the configuration report
  • Monitoring supply accountability article types in the Inventory page
  • Understanding Trial Continuity
  • Creating a new subject in Balance studies with Trial Continuity
  • Randomizing subjects in Balance studies with Trial Continuity
  • Dispensing to subjects in in Balance studies with Trial Continuity
  • Synchronizing subject data after Rave is back online


2) New Videos for Trial Continuity

Four new videos will be available in the Balance Video Library to help users through key functionality if Trial Continuity is applied to Balance/Rave studies. 

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