Medidata Academy announces new & updated materials for iMedidata 2016.3.0 release

Medidata Academy is excited to present the following courses as part of the iMedidata 2016.3.0 release:

1) New Course - iMedidata Release Training 2016.3.0

This short eLearning course explains the new features and enhancements rolled out in the R3 release cycle. Specifically, it covers:

  • Activity Monitor for tracking activity across applications
  • User account number enhancement
  • Updated email notifications template
  • Study attributes update

This release training course is available to all external clients via iMedidata.

2) Updated Course -  iMedidata for Admins: Managing a Study eLearning Course

This is an updated version of the previous iMedidata for Admins: Managing a Study eLearning course. As part of the R3 release, this course has been updated to reflect the new mandatory study attributes for study creation. It also includes a post-assessment at the end to enhance retention of the topics covered throughout the course.

This course is available now through iMedidata. All client study groups / teams that have this course configured in iMedidata will automatically have access to the updated version. However, it will not impact their existing course completions.

3) In addition to the eLearning courses, we have also updated the User Account Number show me video on the iMedidataKnowledge Space , to reflect the user account number enhancements in this release.

To learn more about iMedidata and the new enhancements and features, check out the iMedidata Knowledge Space .

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at